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Toward a Weilian Philosophy of Vocation
by John Marson Dunaway is a paper from the 2005 American Weil Society colloquy that I am very pleased to present on the net. Dunaway's address gets to the spirituality at the core of Weil's thought as he explains that Weil's ideas speak to all workers:

"some contemporary writers on vocation ... might lead us to understand it as an issue only for the privileged elite. After all, most people in the world even today quite clearly do not enjoy the luxury of contemplating which career path might fulfill their deep gladness. Instead, they desperately hope for whatever menial job that might come available as a means to put bread on the table. And later in this paper we shall look at how [Simone Weil's] unique vision of the mystique of labor seeks to suffuse all levels of work -- from manual labor to corporate management -- with meaning and fulfillment."

Simone Weil steals a scene from the Godfather

The Dope on Simone Weil

Mystic visionary & big band jazz

One of this web site's visitors, Chris Campbell of Innova Records, has released a jazz CD called "The Death of Simone Weil." For the CD Darrell Katz composed and arranged an improvisational cantata for Paula Tatarunis' poem about Weil's life & death. Read about the CD and examine its lyrics by clicking here. The beautiful excerpt from Paula Tatarunis' libretto reprinted below is about Weil's approach to the poem that led her to Christ -- George Herbert's "Love",

If only I could enter
the sanctuary of the poem,
naked as a spirit,
my miserable flesh
shed in a heap on the porch --
like at Easter in Solesmes,
when the plain song
plucked me aloft
from my suffering
and I hovered like a feather
on the breath of God,
or dust in his splendour,
far above the malheur, dégoût  et
of my unworthy life:
Love bade me welcome, Love

 ©Paula Tatarunis
 4.13.90 Easter Eve

Decreation: Fight Cherries
An opera about Simone Weil
with a libretto written
by acclaimed poet, Anne Carson


Simone Weil:
anarchist soldier
factory worker
labor organizer
school teacher
resistance fighter

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