Portland, Oregon Protests
Bush visit 8/22/02 — 1 of 3

PORTLAND, Oregon (CNN) -- As President Bush travels to a series of campaign stops in California on Friday, he leaves behind the aftermath of protest that turned violent on Thursday in Portland, Oregon. ...

Chanting "Drop Bush, Not Bombs" and
carrying signs with messages that included "It's the Economy, Stupid," the crowd of mostly young people occasionally blocked streets and tied up traffic during the afternoon as they made their way from a downtown park to the hotel. CNN - 8-23-02

"It's the economy, STUPID." was my rather obscurely worded protest sign. The phrase was coined by James Carville, the manager of Clinton's first campaign in which he won the Presidency from George Bush Sr. Its purpose was to playfully remind Clinton, whom no one ever accused of being stupid, to focus on the economy. I'm glad that CNN picked up the message and passed it along to the nation. The phrase seems even more appropriate now that we have a White House resident that does not seem to be capable of focusing on any of the real environmental, economic and security issues that this plague our time.

The young woman with the GORE WON shirt exemplifies the feisty new spirit of some of us Democrats. A policeman shot her right between the eyes with his pepper spray squirt gun. Although drenched in the supposedly incapacitating sting juice, she kept on marching all afternoon and into the evening. MediaWhoresOnline.com (MWO) displayed my picture of her on their cover under the headline "Portland Irks the Smirk." MWO is "the site that set out to bring the media to their knees - but found they were already there." It is a daily stop for tens of thousands of voters who are fed up with the lies of the corporate press.

However, occassionally, even the corporate press gets mad enough to tell the truth... NEXT >

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